Why Not Vote?

More and more, political candidates for office–either national or regional–have been reaching out for what they call “the youth vote.” This is the group of voters age 18-25, the generation that will eventually take the place of the older, more settled one. Voting is a way for this group to express its needs, concerns, and desires for the future, and it is one that people everywhere are pressing.

The “Problem”

If you look on the web for results on “youth vote,” many results are geared towards telling you that youths are voting less or voting more than in the past. The numbers of voters is not the problem though. What does it matter if the youth is voting, if they are voting uninformed? What gains can the older generation claim if they’ve merely peer-pressured the younger crowd to vote just for the sake of it, without knowing what they’re voting for?

The Solution

Awareness. Here at Vote or Don’t, we don’t want to tell you what to do with your legal adult status, or how to fill out your ballots. We just want you to know what’s going on, and for you to choose what to do with that information. When election time comes, if you feel prepared, maybe you’ll vote–maybe you won’t. Maybe instead you’ll want to grab a coffee or go to work or go to a party, and we’re fine with that. Or, maybe election time will come and you’ll be unprepared and won’t know what’s happening, and who advocates what. That’s okay too; after all, you have a life! We all do! We just want you to make informed decisions, and if that decision includes not voting, more power to you!


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