Are you in Chicago?

Hey, so are we!

We are a group of students from all over the city, attending Columbia College, UIC, Roosevelt, and others, and so we are especially keen on relaying information to fellow Chicagoans regarding politics and elections.

The next upcoming race is for the new Mayor. Who will it be? The strongest contender seems to be Rahm Emanuel (maybe you’ve seen him in the side of your Facebook advertisements, along with See Your Vampire Baby links–argh, Twilighters!). However, he’s not the only person running! The following is a list of other candidates with small summaries of their positions, with links where you can find more information on each.

Carol Moseley Braun [Website] She is a former United States Senator, and at this point is the only African American woman who has ever been a US Senator. She also runs a private law firm in Chicago. So far she is “exploring a run” for the Chicago Mayoral position.


Gery Chico [Website] He recently resigned as chairman of the City Colleges Board in order to focus more on his campaign for mayor, so hopefully we will hear more information on his platform soon!


Dr. Christopher Cooper [Website] He is originally from New York, but moved to Chicago in 1997.  He is a Civil Rights attorney. He is also a former marine. When he was a teenager, he dropped out of high school, but later applied for college when in the marines, and went on to earn a PhD in Sociological Jurisprudence from American University and his JD, all while working as a police officer.


Rahm Emanuel [Website] A native Chicagoan, Rahm most recently served as Chief of Staff under Barack Obama’s administration. In the week beginning October 19, Rahm focused on schools around the city, visiting many of them. Did you know, when he was most recently in the White House, he was a major part of securing a bipartison compromise that saved 140,000 teachers’ jobs?


Bob Fioretti [Website] He has served as Alderman for the City of Chicago’s 2nd Ward since 2007, an area that includes the loop, south loop, and areas west and south of there. Before that, he worked as a civil litigator, and helped to release a wrongfully convicted man from prison, where he had been for eleven years. Bob is a first-generation American and a native of Chicago.


Rickey R. Hendon [no website… 😦 ] He is the Illinois Senator for the 5th District, and aside from people saying he’s running, we don’t know much about his campaign! If you have more information on Rickey’s position in the race, we would be delighted if you shared it with us!



Wilfredo de Jesus [Website] He was born and raised in Humboldt Park, Chicago, and is the Senior Pastor at New Life Covenant Ministries. He has created many outreach programs that provide basic needs to the community, and is an advocate for Latino communities.


Garrison “Gary” Medill [Website] Born and raised in Evanston, Garrison is an independent political consultant who just announced his run for mayor. He’s committed to the future, and believes that nanotechnology and sustainable energy initiatives will help get us there.

Miguel Del Valle [Website] As his website states, “He has fought for open and transparent government, stronger consumer protections, and for reform and better funding for education, healthcare and social service programs throughout his 23-year tenure in the Illinois General Assembly and as the Chicago City Clerk.”


Doc Walls [Website] He is the “nanotechnology” candidate for this race. He is a former aide to Chicago’s first African-American Mayor, Harold Washington. He was a Mayoral candidate in 2007, too.


Frederick K. White [Website] He is the “citizen” candidate, and probably has what we think is the third-coolest first name of all the confirmed candidates. He advocates a more ethical administration, lower taxes, lower crime, and more jobs.


These are the list of confirmed candidates so far that we’ve noticed being mentioned in the news. If there are other candidates you’re aware of and would like to see mentioned here, please send us a message, and if possible include a link to that candidate’s website.


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