Day 16 and Counting…

So all you students out there I KNOW are counting down, but for anyone else who isn’t crossing off the days on their calendars yet, there are sixteen days to go until Thanksgiving. Fifteen days until breaks for most schools and for people who have non-nametag jobs that let them have days off.

With that in mind, we’d like to interrupt our normal agenda to bring you a list of ways to chill out, starting with today!

-Roosevelt University is holding Zumba classes every Tuesday this semester, and for anyone who has seen the infomercials, it looks like a good time. It may only be for students, but hey, it’s a Zumba party, so it’s probably worth crashing. For more info, click here.

-Columbia College is holding their Mayor Volunteer Expo TONIGHT, so go bearing a pen and an empty stomach, because there will be noms and volunteer forms. There are also some performance students coming out, including some students from their fiction department and from the Art Activists group.

-It’s warm outside, and the zoo is still open! Go see some bears.

-Or, go to and buy your Harry Potter tickets now. (For those of you counting that down, it’s 9 days and less than eight hours until it premieres!!)

-Go ride the Chicago Holiday train. Yep, it’s back!

We’d say go get a massage, or go detox or something like that, but then we looked at the prices. $90 for one hour? If you’ve got it, that’s cool. We just know we don’t. 🙂

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